Robotic Welding

Our company has a robotic welding workstation available, where we perform high-quality welding using the collaborative robot LORCH COBOT UR10.

BJ Energy - Robotic Welding

In addition, we utilize:

  • MIG-MAG welding power source S-RoboMIG XT 400A with water cooling
  • Nitrided welding table with clamping elements measuring 2000 x1000 mm

We possess an industrial robot – cobot, technological devices, and other equipment that perform technological operations of the manufacturing process or its parts. With the welding power source, the welding robot can utilize various advanced welding techniques such as SpeedCold, SpeedPulse XT, TwinPuls XT, and SpeedArc XT.

The industrial robot performs autonomous activities and is universally applicable to various tasks and operations in the field of precise and repeatable welding within dimensions of 2000×1000 mm. The robot’s capabilities resemble those of a human hand. It can perform tasks repeatedly with the same precision, quality, and speed.

By utilizing robotic welding, we quarantee high-quality products for our customers at cost-effective production expenses.

BJ Energy - Robotic Welding
BJ Energy - Robotic Welding