When is it suitable to use water jet cutting?

Water jet cutting has only a few limitations that are rarely encountered in practice. Water jet cutting has versatile applications. Its main advantage is that no heat is generated during cutting, unlike other technologies. Therefore, it does not affect the properties of the material (such as Hardox and higher-grade materials), as the cutting is performed with a so-called cold cut. This allows for better precision, and especially the material does not melt, enabling the cutting of very small components (close proximity holes, various interlocking parts, especially for larger thicknesses, and more). For other cutting methods, the rule is: the thickness of the material determines the smallest possible cut opening. This rule does not apply to water jet cutting.

What is the price for water jet cutting?

It is necessary to send a basic sketch, preferably a drawing, and the type of material you need to cut to the email: E-mail: technolog@bjenergy.sk. The price mainly depends on the type of material (its density) and the quality of the cut (ranging from quality 1 to quality 4, where quality 1 is the finest possible quality).

How is the price determined?

The price is determined based on the information provided by the customer and the type of material being cut. Due to the versatile nature of water jet cutting, each material requires different cutting conditions, which affects the cost of cutting and the overall price of the order. To ensure a fair approach to the customer, the price is always determined on a case-by-case basis, based on inquiries and the quality of the cut.

What documents do I need to provide for a quotation?

You need to provide a simple sketch or an accurate drawing of your idea. In the case of a sketch or a drawing, we will process it, dimension it, and send it for approval. Another important parameter is the type of material, thickness, and quantity.

Do you also offer drafting services?

Yes, based on your design and consultations, we can prepare a production drawing. We employ designers who can create a drawing based on your sketch or concept and subsequently prepare the drawing for approval or correction. After the design is approved, we can create the cutting program.

Where are you located?

Currently, we cover the regions of Žilina, Poprad, and Kežmarok. However, we can deliver processed material to the entire territory of Slovakia. We also provide transportation services. You can find our address on the contact page.

We need to cut tiles during apartment renovations. Can you help us?

Cutting, incisions, and interior modifications are an important part of our water jet cutting services.

Our architect designed a fireplace with cladding, and we are having trouble preparing custom cladding. Can you assist us?

If you bring the proposed type of stone or cladding, we can cut it according to the architect’s design. However, please note that the cut surfaces will be matte, and for interior applications, it is always recommended to have them polished by a stonemason.

Do you provide transportation services?

Yes, we have a contracted courier service that covers the entire European region, providing advantageous payment terms and delivery within 24 hours. For larger orders, transportation is arranged using our own vehicles, and the price is determined individually based on the size of the order.

Our gasket broke. Can you supply us with a single piece?

Yes, such orders are handled individually. In this case, it is important for you to engage with our technician, who will work with you to create a drawing. If it involves a small quantity of easily dividable material, it may be possible to incorporate it into larger orders. Similar orders are handled on an individual basis, taking into account machine workload, material type, availability in stock, and other factors. We strive to meet your requirements.

What size objects can you cut?

The cutting size depends on the dimensions of the cutting portal, which, in our case, has a length of 4 m and a width of 2 m. When processing metal materials, the advantage lies in the utilization of large formats or a width of 2 m and a thickness of up to 150 mm. We also recommend referring to the technology and material overview on the comparison page of our website.

What are the delivery times?

Delivery is continuous and determined on an individual basis.