Company Policy

Quality Policy

BJ Energy, with its quality policy, is committed to meeting the requirements of customers and stakeholders through high-quality and timely work to ensure the competitiveness of the company, long-term success, and comprehensive development across the entire spectrum of business activities. In relation to customers, we strive to prioritize reliability and fairness and, along with high expertise and thoroughness, constantly ensure their satisfaction. Equally important is the establishment of mutually beneficial relationships with business partners and suppliers.

Environmental Policy

The fundamental philosophy of BJ Energy in the field of the environment is to minimize the negative impacts of its work activities on the environment.

Our goal is to ensure environmental protection, including the prevention of environmental pollution, implement cost-effective measures in energy consumption and waste production, primarily through increased efficiency of our production and technological processes.

We prevent environmental pollution by minimizing the negative impacts of company activities and by educating employees on environmental protection issues and raising their environmental awareness.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy

The OHS policy declares BJ Energy’s stance on workplace safety and health, particularly by creating optimal conditions for safe and health-preserving work. OHS is an integral and inseparable part of the company’s management system and the job responsibilities of all management-level employees.

We provide employees with the necessary technical, organizational, financial, and personnel prerequisites for a safe working environment. We offer regular professional training, qualification, and development to enhance their awareness of OHS principles, enabling them to work safely. We also promote the use of correct and safe work procedures, aiming to protect health and foster a culture of safety.