Our company has a sandblasting booth measuring 14 x 7 m with an integrated rail system. Sandblasting is performed manually using steel grit and compressed air.

Sandblasting is one of the methods for material preparation before their final processing, such as welding or painting.

BJ Energy - Jetting
BJ Energy - Jetting

Surface treatment by sandblasting is used to remove undesired particles from the surfaces of various materials. It mechanically eliminates surface layers, oil residues, corrosion, and non-metallic deposits using a powerful stream of air and abrasive material. Sandblasting is used to remove slag after forming, eliminate coatings and corrosion from metals, clean surfaces before and after welding, and remove sharp edges after processing. It is also effective in highlighting surface flaws in materials.

Subsequently, surface roughening creates an anchor profile and a textured relief. The result is the creation of a suitable surface for the next step, such as welding or painting. The sandblasting process itself can be adjusted according to specific requirements for the level of roughness and the type of material.