Certified Welding

Welding services are one of the comprehensive and primary services provided by BJ Energy company. In addition to welding, we also offer services such as assembly work and surface treatment of products. The machines and equipment we manufacture meet the highest standards of the current industry.

We invest in the knowledge, skills, and certifications of our employees, allowing us to differentiate ourselves with high-quality welding of materials.

Our products and services are provided in accordance with international norms and standards. The quality of welding is guaranteed by complying with the requirements of ISO 3834-2 standard, while the quality of manufacturing steel and related products is certified according to EN 1090-1 EXC4 and railway vehicles ISO EN 15085-2 CL 1.

The quality of our welding services is continuously monitored and executed according to the following criteria:

  • Optimal preparation for welding and fusion welding of metallic materials are in line with the ISO 3834-2 standard.
  • Welding of materials using certified welding procedures (WPQR) is carried out in accordance with detailed welding qualifications and certifications of welding personnel, with consideration of the WPS process.
  • International Welding Technologists (IWT) and International Welding Engineers (IWE) plan and supervise all welding projects and procedures.
BJ Energy - CNC Machining - Welding
BJ Energy - CNC Machining - Welding

EN 1090-1 REQUIREMENTS EN 1090-1
ensures proper manufacturing procedures and quality control for steel and aluminum structures and their components. This means that our subcontractors also comply with this standard. The EXC classification (Class 1-4) indicates the level of working procedures and quality control, ranging from non-load-bearing to highly stressed special structures.
The main purpose of these standards is to ensure that the safety properties of the structures meet the required level. This set of standards applies to steel structures and aluminum construction applications, divided into three main parts: assessment of conformity of load-bearing components, technical requirements for steel structures, and technical requirements for aluminum structures.

specifies the welding requirements for railway rolling stock and its components. The implementation of the welding system for railway vehicles in accordance with the ČSN EN 15085 standard ensures that the weld quality of the final product meets the required criteria.

  • Certification of the established system by a third-party competent authority is an objective proof of the functionality and compatibility of the system with the required regulations.
  • Increased efficiency not only in the welding process but also in subsequent processes.
  • Increased trust of the public, regulators, and state control authorities in the manufacturer who ensures welding processes in the field of railway vehicles.
  • Introduction of a standardized system compatible with the requirements and practices in EU countries.

We also meet the requirements for non-destructive testing (NDT) carried out by authorized bodies. The tests include visual, magnetic, ultrasonic, and radiographic inspection for heavily loaded structures and pressure equipment.